Mid Century Modern Honderich Walnut Dining Table

This walnut Honderich dining table was in great shape when I picked it up from a wonderful woman named Rhonda. It had belonged to her parents and was the source of many happy family gatherings.


  • Howard Products Restor-A-Finish in Walnut
  • Howard Products Feed-N-Wax

How I refinished this piece:

There were only a couple of spots that showed the age of the piece. The seats were removed by unscrewing from underneath. I started by cleaning with Rust-Oleum’s Krud Kutter. It is truly unreal the amount of grime that can come off what looks like a clean piece!

Instead of sanding to bare wood and staining, I decided to use Howard Products, Inc. Restor-A-Finish in Walnut to bring its back to its natural lustre. I used an old flannel rag to apply. It’s seriously like magic 🪄😍. I waited overnight and, to seal the finish, I used Feed-N-Wax. In a circular motion, I applied over the entire table and chairs. After about a half hour, I used a blue shop towel to remove the excess.

This set has been fully restored and is a perfect fit in a family member’s home. A brand new life for a very well loved piece ♥️

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