6-Drawer Mid Century Modern Krug Dresser

This gorgeous Krug Furniture dresser was already in amazing condition when I spotted it at Mission Thrift Store Hamilton. While it looks like there are 9 drawers, there are only 6!


  • Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter

How I refinished this piece:

With a deep scratch on one drawer, I decided to sand the entire piece. I mean, I love sanding so uncovering this grain was worth it!

Patience was the name of the game when sanding a piece like this. The varnish on top was thick and because it’s still winter in Ontario, I couldn’t use my chemical stripper to remove it.

After that gorgeous grain was revealed and the dust removed, I used Walrus Oil’s furniture butter to showcase it. I applied in a circular motion to get into the grain and then did a final pass to remove the excess. Once I had applied to the piece, I let cure for 24 hours and then reapplied.

The legs were so unique! At first I thought they were brass but after trying the magnet 🧲 test (if it sticks, it’s metal not brass), I determined they were metal. I scrubbed them with blue Dawn and fine steel wool to remove the grime. After that, I was still able to use Brasso to make them shine!

I did not love the hardware but when I removed it, I realized it was two pieces! If you look at the before picture, you’ll see that ONE knob was missing. I wasn’t able to find one to match so I headed to Lee Valley Tools. I love their selection and I needed something small to not overwhelm the piece.

After putting this all together, it now shines!

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