Annie Sloan Oxford Navy Low Dresser

I picked up this cute dresser from Kijiji. A wonderful gentleman named Carlo was selling it for his elderly next door neighbour. It was the first piece I had the opportunity to try Annie Sloan’s new (at the time) Oxford Navy.

My thoughts: I really like it but I find it really dark. I do love it though if you’re looking for a deep, rich, navy blue.


  • Annie Sloan chalk paint in Oxford Navy
  • Annie Sloan clear wax

My process:

  1. I am not a fan of mirrors. I find that most people don’t want them and they are dreadful to stage! This frame was missing the mirrored glass so I was able to leave it with the seller.
  1. I knew that I wanted to change the hardware but not sure to what. The majority of the time I fill holes on a piece so that I have the option of using whatever hardware I want. Worse comes to worse and I find hardware using the same holes, I can just drill the holes again. For more information on how to fill holes, click here.
  1. This colour only needed two coats. Always a wonderful surprise!
Coat 1 with the top strip being the second coat
As you can see, you’re not able to see where the filled holes are at all!
  1. Next step, apply Annie Sloan’s clear wax.
  1. Install hardware. For some tips on installing your hardware, click here.
  1. The piece felt really dark after I painted it and installed the handles, so I lined the drawer with this drawer liner I got from Home Depot.
  1. Here’s the finished product!

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