MCM Boho Vintage Dresser

A step by step guide to refinishing a dated, mid century modern dresser into a bright, boho beauty!

HPL Mobilier Tall Mid Century Modern Dresser

This gorgeous HPL Mobilier dresser sat in my basement for over 6 months because I didn’t have a clear vision of my refinishing path. A friend reached out looking for a tall piece and knew immediately when she saw this that it was the one. Click here for a list of basic supplies you’ll needContinue reading “HPL Mobilier Tall Mid Century Modern Dresser”

Mid Century Modern Kaufman Lingerie Chest

When I saw this piece on Facebook marketplace, I could tell it was vintage. I asked the seller to take a picture of the inside of the top drawer and saw the Kaufman brand. I was so excited despite it being covered in black paint. Materials: Circa 1850 heavy paint & varnish remover Circa 1850Continue reading “Mid Century Modern Kaufman Lingerie Chest”

9-Drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser

Thrifting is hit or miss when it comes to the style of furniture that I typically refinish. When I saw this 9 drawer, mid century modern dresser in great shape at Mission Thrift Store Hamilton, I was instantly in love. Materials: Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter How I refinished this piece: I brought it home andContinue reading “9-Drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser”

6-Drawer Mid Century Modern Krug Dresser

This gorgeous Krug Furniture dresser was already in amazing condition when I spotted it at Mission Thrift Store Hamilton. While it looks like there are 9 drawers, there are only 6! Materials: Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter How I refinished this piece: With a deep scratch on one drawer, I decided to sand the entire piece.Continue reading “6-Drawer Mid Century Modern Krug Dresser”

How to remove decorative pieces on the front of drawers

So many mid century modern dressers have these decorative pieces on them. When I discovered that they could come off quite easily, what a difference it has made to my refinishing! Materials & Tools: Putty knife Vise grips Flat screwdriver Screwdriver (to remove original hardware) Poly Filla How I removed the decorative pieces: Remove existingContinue reading “How to remove decorative pieces on the front of drawers”

Mid Century Modern Kilgour 10-drawer Dresser

This Kilgour & Bro. walnut dresser had so much potential. I saw it from the pictures. What I didn’t see in the pictures was the smell that came with it. I noticed it the second I picked it up but at that moment, what could I do? It was literally SO SO BAD. I droveContinue reading “Mid Century Modern Kilgour 10-drawer Dresser”

9-drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser

I came across this gorgeous dresser on Facebook Marketplace. A gentleman was trying to clear out his neighbour’s apartment who had recently passed away. When I got to the place, it wasn’t in the best part of town and you could tell that the woman was a cigarette smoker. Usually, I’d pass right away butContinue reading “9-drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser”