Tell me about wood stain

A simple guide to understanding wood stain

9-Drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser

Another Mission Thrift Store Hamilton find! This mid century modern dresser was in good shape when I found it. While the top had some scratches, I knew that with some hard work, it could be incredible! Click here for a list of basic supplies you’ll need for your chalk paint project and here for theContinue reading “9-Drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser”

Lowboy Waterfall Dresser

During lockdown 1.0, my parents found this outside a house just down the road from them. I love the sign the “donater” left on it! I scoured the internet for some inspiration and found this from It is stunning! I hadn’t done much in terms of distressing so a free piece was a perfectContinue reading “Lowboy Waterfall Dresser”

Hepworth Mid Century Modern Tall Dresser

This Hepworth Mid-Century Modern dresser is so wonderfully constructed. Built in Southampton, Ontario, this dresser has six separate drawers – the top row is actually 3 separate ones. Click here for a list of basic supplies you’ll need for your chalk paint project and here for the typical steps. For gel staining, here is aContinue reading “Hepworth Mid Century Modern Tall Dresser”

White Sewing Machine Table Makeover

I was gifted this vintage sewing table by my cousin. Her grandparents purchased it many years ago and her grandmother sewed many pieces with it. Can you believe that the sewing machining still worked? I had hopes of this being used as a small desk or entry way table. Materials: Zinsser Cover Primer Annie SloanContinue reading “White Sewing Machine Table Makeover”

Mid Century Modern Nightstands

Being able to refinish a piece for one of my best friends is so special to me. When Tori asked me to keep an eye out for a set of nightstands and these ones came up on Facebook marketplace, I knew I could make them beautiful. Click here for a list of basic supplies you’llContinue reading “Mid Century Modern Nightstands”

Mid Century Modern Kilgour 10-drawer Dresser

This Kilgour & Bro. walnut dresser had so much potential. I saw it from the pictures. What I didn’t see in the pictures was the smell that came with it. I noticed it the second I picked it up but at that moment, what could I do? It was literally SO SO BAD. I droveContinue reading “Mid Century Modern Kilgour 10-drawer Dresser”

Basic supplies needed for gel staining

Gel staining is a game-changer in the world of DIY. I love it’s thick consistency because it is way less messy. General Finishes is the brand I’m familiar with and am always very happy with the results. This stain stays where you put it- that’s what makes it unique. I use this stain when givingContinue reading “Basic supplies needed for gel staining”