Annie Sloan Olive Antique Dresser

Materials: Annie Sloan chalk paint in Olive Annie Sloan clear wax

Country Nightstands

Nightstands are always fun to reimagine! I picked these up while going to look at a different piece from a woman on Facebook marketplace. They were peeking out under a tarp and me, being my nosy self, asked to take a look. Made of solid wood, these were perfect for a country look. Click hereContinue reading “Country Nightstands”

Project #1 – My first piece ever!

The piece that got me hooked! After my accident, I needed my living space to feel less busy. I am still a lover of dvd’s and had Ikea’s Billy bookcase to store them. I looked online for a new dresser but found them all too expensive. So this is what I did instead. I foundContinue reading “Project #1 – My first piece ever!”

Steps for a typical chalk paint project

There are a lot of factors when deciding to refinish a piece. For this example, I’m going to use a dresser as the “typical” piece. These steps can be applied to any project you’re working on – just modified. Click here for a list of the basic chalk painting supplies you’ll need. Decide what youContinue reading “Steps for a typical chalk paint project”

How to dig up tulips from containers and store them

Last fall after a suggestion from my neighbour, I decided to plant tulips bulbs in planters that I used for my summer plants. I found some on sale at Home Depot. My thought was that my tulips would bloom in the spring and then I would dig them up and use the planters for summer.Continue reading “How to dig up tulips from containers and store them”

How to create a hanging impatiens basket

For a really long while, I had an awful backyard. It was sloping towards the house, and compromised of cracked patio stones, old leaning fences, and patchy grass. A couple of years ago, I had a really handy boyfriend who took it on as a project to build me an awesome deck. He’d tell youContinue reading “How to create a hanging impatiens basket”

How to strip paint from wood drawer handles

Stripping is SO. MUCH. WORK. I picked up this dresser and it is so absolutely gorgeous. The original owner did paint the built-in wooden handles and with the vision I have for it, I want the bare wood showing. Usually I’d sand them down but with an area so delicate I thought I’d try myContinue reading “How to strip paint from wood drawer handles”

How to build a wall mounted coat, key & dog leash rack

When I adopted my second dog, I realized that I needed some sort of organizational system to keep the halti’s, collars and leashes straight. After looking for something I could buy, nothing was the right size to fit the space I needed it for. I came across an idea on Pinterest that I felt IContinue reading “How to build a wall mounted coat, key & dog leash rack”

Basic supplies needed for chalk painting

In my quest to “de-clutter” my space after my accident, I decided to move my dvd collection from my old IKEA Billy bookcase to an old dresser that I picked up at a local thrift store. My good friend Jessie, an interior designer who lives in Charlotte, NC, suggested I use Annie Sloan paint. She’sContinue reading “Basic supplies needed for chalk painting”