How to remove decorative pieces on the front of drawers

So many mid century modern dressers have these decorative pieces on them. When I discovered that they could come off quite easily, what a difference it has made to my refinishing! Materials & Tools: Putty knife Vise grips Flat screwdriver Screwdriver (to remove original hardware) Poly Filla How I removed the decorative pieces: Remove existingContinue reading “How to remove decorative pieces on the front of drawers”

Vintage Farmhouse 5-drawer dresser

Look similar? That’s because it is! My brother’s girlfriend was so taken with the piece I did for my friend Monica (click here to check it out), that she wanted one for herself! We scoured Facebook Marketplace and finally found the perfect piece. The dimensions were pretty specific as it was for a nook inContinue reading “Vintage Farmhouse 5-drawer dresser”

Mid Century Modern Kilgour 10-drawer Dresser

This Kilgour & Bro. walnut dresser had so much potential. I saw it from the pictures. What I didn’t see in the pictures was the smell that came with it. I noticed it the second I picked it up but at that moment, what could I do? It was literally SO SO BAD. I droveContinue reading “Mid Century Modern Kilgour 10-drawer Dresser”

Modern Farmhouse Oak Table Makeover

I love learning new things. They excite me as well as making me nervous and scared all at the same time. My friend Nastasha sent me a picture of the table she had and the vision she had for it. While I hadn’t done anything like it before, I knew that I could figure itContinue reading “Modern Farmhouse Oak Table Makeover”

Rustic Farmhouse Small Dresser

My good friend Monica has great taste. She picked up this petite dresser years ago and had a specific vision for it. Thank you for trusting me to help bring it to life! Click here for a list of basic supplies you’ll need for your chalk paint project and here for the typical steps. Materials: Annie Sloan chalk paintContinue reading “Rustic Farmhouse Small Dresser”

Old-fashioned Coffee Table & Pentagon End Tables

I love a challenge. I love learning how to do something new and having it actually work out! This coffee table and pentagon shaped end tables were in great need of an update. They had great bones- they were solid wood and in good shape. However, the hardware, the decorative wooden pieces on the doors,Continue reading “Old-fashioned Coffee Table & Pentagon End Tables”

Kroehler 8-drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser

When I saw this piece at Value Village last November, I had to google what furniture company “Kroehler” was and if was worth the $29.99 asking price. This was my first mid century modern refinishing piece and while I’d do things a little differently now, I am a fan of how this one turned out. ClickContinue reading “Kroehler 8-drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser”

White Mid Century Modern Petite Dresser

A free mid century modern dresser on Facebook marketplace is a rare find – like a diamond in the rough! I message the person who posted it using a lot of exclamation points, tell them I can come that very instant, cross my fingers and pray that they pick my message to reply to. IContinue reading “White Mid Century Modern Petite Dresser”

How to make a wall-mounted flower display

I admit it. I have a *slight* flower obsession. I only have a small section of my yard that is an in-ground garden and I use that for garlic and chives that came from my Grandma Susie’s garden before she passed away. The rest of my garden consists of planters and a couple of plantContinue reading “How to make a wall-mounted flower display”

How to apply gel stain over veneer/ an existing finish

Sometimes you find a piece of furniture and the stain needs a little refreshing. While I love my orbital sander, not everything needs to be taken down to the bare wood. I tend to refinish mid century modern pieces and a lot of times the drawer and door fronts have a veneer coating. According toContinue reading “How to apply gel stain over veneer/ an existing finish”