Mid Century Modern Kaufman Lingerie Chest

When I saw this piece on Facebook marketplace, I could tell it was vintage. I asked the seller to take a picture of the inside of the top drawer and saw the Kaufman brand. I was so excited despite it being covered in black paint.


How I refinished this piece:

Circa 1850 products are incredible for stripping paint and varnish. I get the heavy body paint & varnish stripper from Turkstra Lumber, the industrial gloves from Home Hardware, Building Centre & Furniture Stores and the maple scraper from The Painted Bench.

I put some globs on the area and spread it around using a chip brush. Usually I would apply the stripper, wrap in plastic wrap and then wait 20 minutes. But this time, it started bubbling right away! I used a maple scraper to remove and put the excess in foil tin. It’s so strong it melts plastic – eeeeek.

After everything was removed as best it could be, I wiped down using mineral spirits. Once dry, I used 100 grit and then 150 grit sanding discs to remove the remaining paint. I wanted to keep the grain open (but still smooth) to better absorb the oil.

I wiped everything with hot, hot water and voilà! It’s ready to be oiled. I cleaned any remaining dust with a tack cloth.

Next, I applied Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter to the entire piece using a piece of old flannel material. This product is the nectar of the wood gods. Truly! Inspired by finishes produced by ancient violin and cello makers, it is so easy to apply and cures to a gorgeous satin finish. It is a 100% plant-based oil and rosin wood finish fortified with hard waxes and provides water protection after fully cured. I applied the first coat, waited 24 hours and then applied the second. While the piece already had the most beautiful grains, this combination of oils and waxes showcased them.

I am so so proud of this piece!

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