Mid Century Modern Princeville Credenza

A gorgeous Princeville credenza was an incredible find at Mission Thrift Store! 


  • Annie Sloan’s Athenian Black chalk paint
  • Annie Sloan’s clear wax
  • Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter
  • Howard Products Feed-N-Wax

How I refinished this piece:

I started by sanding the entire piece. I used my Dewalt variable random orbit sander to remove the finish from the flat surfaces and my Surfprep Sanding 3×4 electric ray for the curved and delicate areas. Removing the legs and bottom frame makes this so much easier.

It was my first time trying out Walrus Oil’s Furniture Butter and it is so good. I applied using a microfibre cloth, removed the excess and repeated the process 24 hours later. The way it brings out the grain is unreal 😍

To ensure a cohesive look, I sanded the front part of the bottom that would be visible. I didn’t need to sand the entire bottom inside the cubby so I added a paint line for a crisp, clean edge. I used Annie Sloan’s Athenian Black and sealed with clear wax. All the inside areas were refreshed using Howard Products Feed-N-Wax.

One of the top sides was lifting a little when I moved it. To remedy this, I applied wood glue in the cracks, wiped the excess and clamped for 24 hours. To protect the wood and the finish, I used an old sheet between the clamp and the wood.

The last few projects I’ve taken on, I’ve taken to bare wood. I’m loving these beautiful grains that are emerging 😍

And here’s how it looks in its forever home!

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