Rustic Farmhouse Small Dresser

My good friend Monica has great taste. She picked up this petite dresser years ago and had a specific vision for it. Thank you for trusting me to help bring it to life!

Click here for a list of basic supplies you’ll need for your chalk paint project and here for the typical steps.


  • Annie Sloan chalk paint (2 parts Original White: 1 part Duck Egg Blue)
  • Annie Sloan clear wax
  • Fusion Mineral Paint’s Hemp Oil

How I refinished this piece:

  1. Using my orbital sander, I started with a 60 grit, moved to a 120 grit and finished with a 220 grit.
  1. Using a putty knife, I removed the decorative pieces on the front of the top drawer and on each side of the frame. I removed the nails that held the pieces in place, used wood filler to fill the vacated holes and then sanded the area to smooth it out.
  1. The top piece of wood was starting to lift from the frame so I applied wood glue between the layers using clamps to attach properly.
  1. To refresh the wood, I used Fusion Mineral Paints Hemp Oil. You can see the difference that the oil makes to the wood.
  1. The frame and drawer fronts was painted using a mixture of Annie Sloan chalk paint. 2 parts of Original White to 1 part of Duck Egg Blue. They were then sealed with clear wax.
  1. Originally we ordered handles from an Etsy shop but didn’t realize that they were being shipped from China. After waiting two months with no handles, I headed to Lee Valley to find different ones. Because of the unique size of a lot of vintage handles (4.25″ or 108mm), it’s not easy to find replacements. Typically, I fill the holes when painting the drawers to make it easier to pick hardware. With these, we were going with the same size so I didn’t. When the hardware didn’t arrive, I had to find something that would cover the existing holes. These cup pulls did the trick!

This petite dresser is stunning in the space Monica chose for it!

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