Heavy Italian Coffee Table & End Tables

Vanessa brought these tables to me to refinish for her husband’s man cave. They had previously purchased a hutch as well as two dressers for their upcoming baby girl’s nursery.

He wanted them black but this was before Annie Sloan’s Athenian Black had been released. I used Graphite with dark wax to give them a blackish-brown finish. These pieces were HEAVY. Like ridiculous heavy. I was so happy with the finished product- and more importantly, so was Vanessa.

Here’s a link to the typical steps for a chalk painting project. You’ll have to modify with this piece (ex. this piece doesn’t need any taping) but it gives you a basic idea.

Materials used:

  • Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint
  • Annie Sloan dark wax

For a list of basic chalk paint supplies I typically use, click here.

Next comes waxing. Because it was going to be well used, I made sure to do two coats of wax, waiting a couple of days between coats to give it time to cure. I also gave them instructions to not place anything on the table for 30 days to allow it to fully cure.

For more information on how to apply the wax, click here.

You can see the difference between the part that is waxed (the decorative part) and the leg. The wax really darkens it!

The far table has been waxed and the front one hasn’t.

And here they are completed. I didn’t do any staging but you can absolutely see the difference 🙂

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