How to wax your chalk paint project

Waxing. I know that this seems daunting but once you’ve done it a couple of times, it becomes old hat. It’s one of the last pieces to refinishing before you’re done!

A couple of notes:

  • Wax will have a velvety feel to it after it is applied.
  • To fully cure, wax takes about 30 days. In the meantime, it will feel a bit tacky. This will go away after a little bit.
  • Avoid putting anything heavy on top of the wax (like a jewelry box, a plant, etc.) until after the 30 days.

Click here for a list of the basic chalk painting supplies you’ll need.

Click here for the steps for a typical chalk paint project.

Materials needed for waxing:

  1. Use your paint can opener to take the lid off of the can of wax.
The supplies you’ll need for waxing.
  1. Using your wax brush, dip it into the wax. Swirl it around a couple of times to get some (but not a crazy amount) on your brush.
  1. Lightly brush the wax onto the areas you’ve painted. There is no need to press hard, it’s more of you wanting to put a thin coat. You’ll notice as you do this that there will be some “excess” wax. This is what always happens. You’re not intending to dig the wax into the piece. Rather, it’s meant to sit on top of it.
The excess is very evident – it’s the white bits that you can see on the side of this dresser.
  1. When you’re done waxing a certain section – say the frame or the drawer fronts- you’ll take one of your blue shop towels, and lightly (when I say lightly, I mean lightly) run it over the area to remove the excess. Repeat until all areas are waxed.
  1. Let the wax set for at least a day. There is a way to buff it to make it more of a shiny finish but I haven’t done this yet. For high-traffic pieces (for example, a end/side table), you’ll want to do another coat of wax.

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