Knechtel One-piece Hutch

When this hutch and the matching side board were posted on Facebook Marketplace as being available at a local yard sale, I raced down to pick them both up. They were just as solid in person. Made by Canadian company, Knechtel Furniture Company, these pieces were in pristine condition and still had their original hardware. Best part – they were $25 each!

Materials used:

  • Annie Sloan Oxford Navy chalk paint
  • Annie Sloan Chicago Grey chalk paint
  • Annie Sloan clear wax

For a list of basic chalk paint supplies I typically use, click here.

I plan to use the original hardware so I’ll be cleaning it using my 7Up method. Click here to see how well it works. It’s cheap and easy!

How I refinished this piece:

  1. I removed the doors, shelf and hardware. I keep these together like in a Ziploc bag so that I don’t misplace anything. Those little screws have a way of growing legs and walking away if you don’t contain them!
  2. I wanted to make this piece a little more modern so I removed the wooden insert on the inside of the glass doors.
  1. I washed down the doors, shelf and outside and inside of the hutch.
  2. Because I chose to paint the outside of the hutch first, I taped along the edges of the inside of the hutch and the doors.
  1. Time to paint. The outside frame took two coats to cover with a couple of little spots (like the ridged part at the top) needing a third coat.

**Quick side note: To paint doors or shelves, I will typically use the underside of a large box or set up a couple of saw horses with some boards across and a sheet covering it. Be careful when you flip over to paint the other side that you don’t scratch the side you just did.

  1. After the paint set overnight, I waxed the painted areas. For more information on how to apply the wax, click here.
  2. I gave the wax overnight to set and then removed the tape.
  3. I taped the edges that line up to where I was going to be painting next. The tape went on top of the painted/waxed areas.
  4. Then it was time to paint the inside of the top and bottom .
  1. After waiting overnight, I applied the clear wax.
  2. While waiting for the wax to cure, I cleaned the hardware.
  1. I removed the tape, put the shelf back in, installed the doors and the hardware.

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