Basic supplies needed for chalk painting

In my quest to “de-clutter” my space after my accident, I decided to move my dvd collection from my old IKEA Billy bookcase to an old dresser that I picked up at a local thrift store. My good friend Jessie, an interior designer who lives in Charlotte, NC, suggested I use Annie Sloan paint. She’s painted her fair share of furniture and as a newbie, I welcomed all suggestions.

Since then I’ve painted A LOT of furniture. I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t work, the order in which to do things and how preparation is the key to a good piece.

Here’s what you’ll need before you get started:

  • Your piece of furniture
  • Chalk paint – I stand by Annie Sloan. All of my instructions will be based on using her paint. My local stockist is The Painted Bench in Hamilton, ON. You can find the store closest to you by using the store locator.
  • Paint brush – I bought a variety pack of 5 from Costco for $15 a couple years ago and they work great.
  • Annie Sloan wax – This will protect your piece after you’ve painted it.
  • Wax brush – I use this one from Amazon.
  • Paint can opener – Annie Sloan’s paint cans are best opened using a paint can opener instead of a traditional flat screwdriver. Trust me, this investment is worth it!
  • Painters tape – I use Painter’s Mate from Home Depot.
  • Blue Dawn dish soap – For washing your piece.
  • Old rag & bucket – I bought these bar mops cloths from Canadian Tire years ago and I’ve used them so many times that I’ve lost count. Once they get dirty, all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine.
  • Old sheet/tarp/something you don’t mind getting dirty – You’ll want to cover the area of the floor where you’ll be doing your painting.
Basic supplies needed for chalk painting

You will probably have a lot of these items in your home already. Once you have everything assembled, you’re ready to get started!

If you decide to paint more furniture, there are more supplies you’ll need if you want to do things like change the hardware, if you have to fix certain areas, or want to incorporate staining into a piece.

Click here for the steps of a “typical” project.

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